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New Homes

Whether it is a dream house for you and your family to live in for generations to come, or an investment property, a new home is a landmark moment in your life and something Musgrove Constructions appreciate. We’ll guide you through step by step.


If you’ve established yourself in an area or community you love, why move? A knockdown/rebuild could be the answer especially when land on the Northern Beaches and North Shore is so scarce. However, it’s important to appreciate what your block can accommodate both physically aesthetically and from a council rules viewpoint.


Don’t just stick a box on the outside, your home (and you) deserve a quality extension that not only gives to that extra living space, yet retain all the aspects that you love about your home.

Explore the possibilities with Musgrove Constructions.


Whatever the period, Musgrove Constructions have the team, the technology, the resources and the skill to restore your property to it’s original state. Federation, Colonial, Art Deco or something else, we have the technology and can rebuild it.

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